Top 2 Methods To Convert MKV To Mp4 Format

I believe you want your MKV video to be converted into Mp4 ? Right ? I can assume the most common reason behind this could be the video player you are using doesn’t supports MKV file format. There could be other reasons as well. Anyways, there are few instances when we download our favorite movie and unfortunately the file format it has is MKV. So the quick work around is to convert MKV to Mp4. Here I am going to list down top ways to convert MKV into MP4 file format.

MKV is one of the popular file format for movies and is also known as Matroska Media container. The file extension may not be supported in every video player.

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If your video player also does not supports MKV file extension and is not allowing you to play your favorite video then it becomes really tough to find a new video player which can do the job. In such situations, you do not have to waste your time. It is easy to convert your file into the suitable format which is universally accepted by majority of the software. In this post, I will tell you about two quick methods to convert your files from MKV format to Mp4 format.

Convert MKV To Mp4

Top 2 Methods To Convert MKV To Mp4 Format

It is important to know that MKV format is an open file format. Despite having the capacity to hold large amount of data, this format is not supported by some of the basic and majorly used video players. So, it becomes important to convert the file into some suitable format to run it smoothly.

  1. Convert through VLC

    We all know that VLC media player is one of the most versatile players we have got with us. It can identify all types of file, including MKV format. The best part about this media player is that it comes for absolutely no cost and is easiest to use. You can not only watch the MKV files using VLC media player, but you can also convert MKV to Mp4 format. Given below are some steps which you must follow to convert the files.

    Convert MKV To Mp4 using vlc

    • First of all you must download the VLC media player from a reliable source which is free from malware and viruses.
    • Then you must run the program on your system just like any other software.
    • When you look at the window, you will see an option named ‘Media’ in the upper left corner. Click that option.
    • Then you will find an option which says ‘Convert/Save’ in the drop down menu.
    • Click the option ‘Add’ and find the file which you would like to convert into Mp4 format.
    • Add that file and hit the option that says ‘Convert’ located at the bottom of the window.
    • You will be taken to another window where you are supposed to choose the format from a number of formats in which you would like to convert.
    • Usually, people choose Mp4 which is denoted as H.264 + Mp3 (Mp4).
    • After this, you can further make changes in the settings and make the video compatible enough.
    • Then you can specify the location at which you would like to store your new video format.
    • Click the “Start” option and the bar will show the progress of the conversion process.
    • Once it is finished, you can enjoy watching the video in your desirable format.
  2. Convert through web based tool Cloud Convert

    We all are aware of a number of websites which can convert word files, music files, and video files to various formats. One such reliable source is Cloud Convert which can easily convert MKV to Mp4 format. Follow the steps which are given below.

    • Go to Cloud Convert homepage and upload your file by directly dragging and dropping it on the homepage.
    • Select the format to which you would like to convert your video file from the list of many formats.
    • You can customize your preferences, if necessary.
    • Click on the option that says ‘Start conversion.’
    • When the process gets completed, you will find a green colored download option.
    • Click on the download option and save the file in your system.

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